Hot Shots

There are lots of hot shots carriers available out there, but how do you know wich one is the right for you?What is a Hot Shot load? The term ‘hot shot’ means a lot in the freight world, and what defines hot shot services can be split into Truckload and mainly LTL shipping.

When it comes to truckload shipping hot shot are driver/truck combos that are usually available for time-sensitive shipping.

While most truckload shipments need at least 24 hours heads up before a load is booked, hot shot carriers are more likely to be able to pick up time sensitive freight and get it delivered ASAP.

There are not set lanes for these kind of shipments, and cost often goes up considering the timeliness.

On the LTL side, these are similar to truckload shipping, though there are a few differences.

This service often uses lighter vehicles such as Cargo Vans, Sprinter Vans and Small or Large straight trucks.

Do you have a small shipment wich needs to be delivered ASAP? Spear-Kargo Co. knows everything about time critical delivery.

We will customize a solution that best suits your needs, whit a service level that will meet your expectations. That’s what we do.

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